Shine Choi

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Twitter:  vitaminchoi2013
Phone: +6469516219
Senior Lecturer of Politics and International Relations, Massey University

Shine Choi is senior lecturer in Politics and International Relations, Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand. She is also coeditor-in-chief for International Feminist Journal of Politics. She received her BA in Political Science and Philosophy from Wellesley College; Masters in International Studies from Seoul National University; and PhD in Politics and International Studies from Queen’s University Belfast. She was a Social Science Research Council Inter-Asia Fellow for 2018-2019 (USA). 

Her research has focused on how an illiberal state like North Korea creates the international as a space of politics. She also studies visuality and aesthetics; IR theory; intercultural relations; postcolonial feminist theory; (post)conflict; human rights; and cultural diplomacy. Her current book-length research examines Asia-Africa relations through North Korean cultural diplomacy projects and political theory. Recent publications include North Korea in International Politics: Problems and Alternatives (Routledge, 2015); ‘Art of Losing (in) the International’ (Millennium: Journal of International Studies, 2017), and ‘Grey’ in Making Things International, Vol.2: Catalysts and Reactions (Minnesota University Press, 2016).

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