Editorial values

The Asia Media Centre actively seeks to support the New Zealand media in its coverage of Asia and Asia-New Zealand issues. We aim to help increase the breadth and depth of coverage of Asia issues.

We do this by highlighting issues in the region; publishing opinion and commentary pieces by experts; gathering viewpoints on a topic; and producing our own factual background article and infographics on a wide range of topics. We also respond to journalists seeking interviews with experts. 

Our editorial values are:


Articles on this website are available to republish under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License, provided attribution is made to the Asia Media Centre. 


The news and resources sections of this website provide factual content designed to provide context and background for current events. Information will be well-sourced, presented in clear, precise language, and clearly attributed.

We will acknowledge when facts are contested, if there is disagreement on a topic, or if certain information is unknown.


We will not accept content we consider discriminatory or disrespectful, or that infringes someone’s privacy. We will also not accept content that is defamatory or otherwise legally questionable, including copyright infringement or plagiarism. We will not accept content likely to offend or target any ethnic, national or religious group. 

On request, we are able to provide guidelines for our contributors on dealing with online criticism. 


The Asia Media Centre will be transparent about the nature and sources of the content we offer online, identifying who has created it.

Contributors are expected to disclose any conflicts of interests relevant to any opinion pieces they provide, and these will be disclosed on the Asia Media Centre website.  


The Asia Media Centre aims to be inclusive of a broad range of viewpoints from those who have expertise on Asia. Opinion and commentary pieces will be clearly labelled as such. Views put forward in the Opinion section reflect the views of the writers; they do not necessarily reflect the views of the Asia Media Centre or the Asia New Zealand Foundation.

Right of reply

We do not publish comments on this site. However, readers wishing to respond to an opinion piece may submit a response of up to 400 words for consideration. This response must meet our editorial standards for contributors, and the Asia Media Centre maintains editorial oversight of all content.

Editorial Integrity and Independence

While funded by the Asia New Zealand Foundation, the Asia Media Centre has its own mission statement, objectives and measures of success.

Our editorial decisions are not influenced by political or commercial pressures or by personal interests.


We will correct any obvious mistakes on this site promptly and explain any clarifications and corrections.

If you have a complaint about original content on the Asia Media Centre site, please send it to media@asianz.org.nz with “Complaint” in the subject line. We will respond within five working days and consider the complaint against our editorial guidelines.

We will not respond to complaints that do not provide your full name.

If you are not satisfied with our response, you should let us know within 10 working days so we can seek external advice. We will convene members of our Editorial Advisory Group. This group is comprised of external advisers with editorial, legal and diplomatic expertise to assist us with complaints as required.

These advisers are:

This complaints process relates only to content produced by the Asia Media Centre or published on this website. If you have a complaint about any content produced by New Zealand journalists who have been supported by the Asia New Zealand Foundation’s media programme, you should contact the relevant publisher or broadcaster directly.

The individuals identified above are not involved in assessing or deciding the outcome of Asia New Zealand Foundation media programme funding applications.

Please also read our website Terms of Use