Chris Ogden

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Associate Professor in Global Studies, Global Studies Programme, University of Auckland

Chris Ogden's expertise concerns the domestic, foreign and economic politics of India, China, South Asia, East Asia and the Indo-Pacific, as well as the impact of AI on democracy and growing global authoritarianism. 

His most recent books include The Authoritarian Century: China's Rise and the Demise of the Liberal International Order (Bristol UP: 2022), China & India: Asia’s Emergent Great Powers (Polity: 2017) and Indian National Security (Oxford UP: 2017).

Chris has also complied two other projects - A Dictionary of Politics and International Relations in India (Oxford UP: 2019) and A Dictionary of Politics and International Relations in China (Oxford UP: 2019) - and edited three essay collections - Global India: The Pursuit of Power and Influence (Routledge: 2023), New South Asian Security (Orient BlackSwan: 2016) and the Handbook of China’s Governance and Domestic Politics (Routledge: 2012).  

He is a regular public speaker and media commentator,  and frequently writes op-ed and analysis pieces.  He is also available for consultancy.  For more information, see  

 Chris is currently based in Auckland, and can be contacted at: